Who are these for?

  • Sales managers that want to increase their teams performance.
  • Businesses who are struggling to generate & convert leads.
  • Sales Reps and Business Development that want to increase their efficiency, performance and closure rate.
  • Entrepreuners or startups looking to increase revenue.
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about sales and looking for a career in sales.

Training Programs

Complete Sales Course

The Mastermind Sales Initiative Complete Sales Course is a tailored ongoing training program that guarantees results for sales teams, business owners, and entrepreneurs. 

By joining the exclusive Mastermind Sales Initiative, you’ll have 24-hour access to;

  • The full Mastermind Course
  • Library of sales training material
  • Mobile training materials
  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching online or inperson
  • Team and Individual development training either online or inperson 

Each of these services and resources are designed to help you;

  • Create a perfect road to sale/sales process
  • Understand buyer psychology 
  • Increase customer spend and satisfaction
  • Keep employees engaged and motivated
  • Build ideal phone scripts
  • Build rapport with customers
  • Increase your negotiation and communication abilities
  • Attain and increase sales targets
  • Handle objections like a pro
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Increase margins
  • Close more deals
  • Learn how to develop a sales funnel
  • Sales KPI & Sales Software Automation
  • Accounting and business basics
"Mastermind Sales Initiative has taken Pedley's Solar from a $1.5m business to a $10m business in 3 short years, the proof is in the numbers."
Pedley's Solar

Coaching Programs

Sales Team & Individual Coaching Program

Our coaching plans suit any business. Whether you’re a small start-up, solopreneur, professional business service, or a large corporation, we have coaching plans that’ll enable anyone to increase sales and profit margins. 

Be one step ahead of the game. Don’t wait until your sales reps have a problem – facing hard situations can leave your team feeling demotivated. Instead, dedicate time to keep in touch with your team, because the effort you put in will determine the rep’s willingness to really go the distance.

Good sales coaching must be backed up by numbers and data. In fact, quality sales coaching is a meaningful analysis of data. What you get are insights, then we provide tips on how to improve. By analyzing certain key points, you can discover where your sales rep is experiencing problems.

Sales coaching is one of the most effective ways to optimise sales team performance and increase quota attainment. So get in contact with us now to learn how it can benefit you and your business.

What You Can Expect Out of Having a Coach

  • Increased visibility into performance assessment metrics
  • Better access to communications data like voice call recordings, real-time call monitoring and email
  • The ability to give reps feedback in real time
  • The capability to set clearer objectives
  • The power to measure changes in performance over time
  • Make your goals accountable and measurable

Coaching is available for one month at a time. Your first month is free! And if you don’t find value in it, I’m sorry, but I’m not doing my job – but more importantly it won’t cost you a cent. So get in touch with us quickly while the first month’s still free.

"Highly engaging coaching program that ensures all customers are gaining value from the time that they invest in. Definitely recommend this for anyone who would like some guidance or perspectives on their goals. Thanks Jeremy!" - 5/5 Facebook
Rolve Kout


This half-day/1 day/2day session is a quick introductory sales training program designed to teach you everything you need to know. It teaches you how to be a success in the sales train and lead other sales teams – so you can close leads, hit your sales targets and increase your margins.

Key results:

  • Create a powerful pitch to use on LinkedIn, email and in person
  • Know how to understand your buyers
  • Present presentations like a boss
  • Build confidence
  • Create your step by step sales process
  • Enhance your negotiation skills
  • Be able to build value about your business
  • Know how to build rapport.

Free Consultation

Reach out to us today for a free 1-on-1 goal setting and business consultation session.